Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Is It Monday Yet???

What a weekend! Lots of driving and LOTS of snow! Usually you try to stay home on days where the snow is coming down all day long, where there are white-out conditions and where the snowplows can't push the snow off the roads fast enough before it piles right back up and it looks like you are the first vehicle to drive on that road. Not us though. We had some very important events happening and wanted to be at all of them! (and I was glad Honey was driving for all of it!)

First off, middle child graduated from college! Oh yea! No more huge chunks of change going to a higher least for that child. We are proud of her graduating magna cum laude. And we are happy that she has already been offered her dream job. (notice the cameraman's smile???? what's up with that???? hmmmm...)

We spent Friday night at the cabin with some of the kids. Had a great time pretending we were pool sharks or playing air hockey or foos ball. I love being there with all the family. I opened the curtains in the middle of the night since not many people are up there at this time of the year and I wanted to awake looking at the mountain. When I opened the curtain, I noticed blizzard like conditions happening outside. It worried me enough that I awoke every hour after that checking on how much snow had accumulated throughout the night. I knew we had to make it to middle child's graduation and the roads could be hazardous since we had to travel over a mountain and through a canyon. Why this weekend for the biggest snowfall yet for the season?! This is one of the sights we saw as we traveled back through the canyon. Notice how heavy the snow is on the trees and snow was still falling.

The other big event was attending the baby's fiance's baptism. Here's a pic of the happy couple. Wedding won't be for awhile so I am not even going to begin to think of things that have to be done for it!