Sunday, October 31, 2010

Since it's Halloween night......

....I'm dreaming of this again! Oh yummy! I was in Provo yesterday taking a class to learn how to use my embroidery module. Found this great pizza restaurant in Riverwoods shopping center. It's called MALAWI'S (no website). Supposedly the pizza is healthier than regular pizza. Thin crust and baked in a brick oven with fresh ingredients. We loved it. I haven't had pizza for a very long time (diet-blah) so it was fun to chomp down on the first bite and taste yumminess!

Here's my college son trying his pizza.

The dessert pizza's were oh so good too!

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

One of the reasons why I love Wyoming!

I'm a city girl living in the "wilds" of Wyoming. Have been for many, many years now. I don't know why this always makes me smile. I never get tired of seeing this....sure glad I have that fence though.....:)

Friday, October 15, 2010


In my Church, I work with the girls that are ages 12 to 18. They are such a fun group! October is my month to plan activities with them so we decided to have a Halloween dinner at the end of the month. This past Wednesday, the girls made Bat invitations to give to all the single "Ghoul Groan-ups" (girl grownups). I also had them make cheesecloth ghosts. I was very surprised that they had never made them before!

We also made these cute simple pumpkins. Takes all of 30 seconds! Just get a fat quarter or scrap of fabric. Place toilet paper roll in the center of fabric then bring fabric up and into the roll. Finish it off by adding a leaf and a stick for the stem. The girls loved making them! We plan on using them and the ghosts for the centerpieces on each table. Should be a fun night!

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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Gettin' it done!

Here's a couple of more pictures of what I am working on. By the time you read this, it will be finished! Yea! Deadline will be met!

Friday afternoon.

Friday evening.

And?????? Can't show anymore....need some surprise for Christmas in case his mommy sees this!

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Friday, October 8, 2010

A new quilt and new toys!

Am working on this right now. Suppose to be to the quilter tomorrow. :) I'm not too worried. It's going to be a Snuggle blanket. My idea is to make each grandbaby a small quilt, add a few books, then tell their parents that these are "snuggle" quilts....snuggle up in them and read. I loved the panel with the animals on it when I saw it in the LQS but it wasn't until I got it home and really studied it, that I saw none of the animals were in a perfect circle. It's going to bug me but hopefully the little one getting this quilt won't care when he is older.

I had seen these lil' gadgets before but didn't think I needed one until I was at the Utah State Quilt Guild show and heard someone started walking by a booth I was in, stopped in her tracks, picked up one of these and told the booth owner that she saw they were carrying her most favorite seam ripper. Of course my friend and I had to each buy one after hearing her rave about it! They are called The Wizz Ripper Gripper. I can't get the website to work but here is a review of it. And another review. Here is a great price for it! Don't know anything about this site though so be careful if you order it from there.

Just put it near your sewing machine and you can rip apart each block as you chain piece. It also comes out of the heart so you can even rip apart your mistakes.....not that I would ever need to use it that way......umprgh.....yea right.....just had to do it a few minutes ago.

This was priced right so I picked up this lil' light so I can clip it to my embroidery hoop when I stitch in the evenings. Haven't tried it yet but I hope it will be a great tool for these old eyes of mine!
Now back to sewing!
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Another Quilt Show!

Here's some more yummy quilts! Drove over to the Utah State Quilt Guild's annual festivities which were held in Midway, Utah this year. I had forgotten about it until I dropped in at our LQS and the gals said they were packing up for a booth they were having at it. I called a friend and we ran over the next day to see the booths and quilts. Of course we were half-way home when we remembered we didn't find/see the Boy Scout quilts or the local quilt guild's Row by Row quilts. :(

The quilts were amazing. Like always! Here are some of my favorites:

Teeny tiny pieces made up this wonderful quilt.



Here's a close-up of the quilting. Love the pop of the jewels!

A Lori Holt pattern. I have always loved her applique patterns. This one was fun with the choices of fabric that was used.


You can't see or read it but around each square are sayings that the quilter's mother use to say to her family. What an heirloom quilt this is!

This was such a sweet quilt, especially love how the dresden plates are placed on top of each other.


LOVE all the hexagons. The colors were beautiful in this quilt!

This quilt was awarded Best of Show. If you could see it in person, you would know why. So amazing and gorgeous! What would it be like to be able to piece, applique and quilt just a smidgen like this person? Make that HAND QUILTED! Words can't describe how beautiful it was.


Ah! This appliqued quilt really caught my eye!

Was a fun little "middle of the week----get out of town" trip!
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