Friday, March 23, 2012

Kinsley's baby shower

Middle child is finally close to her delivery date!  9 months seem to drag along when you are grammie waiting to meet a new grandchild!  Little Kinsley is due April 9.  Last night we had a baby shower for Janessa.  Lots of friends came and Janessa was even surprised with a visit from her sister.  I told Janessa that I could keep a secret!   It was pretty funny how Janessa saw Jessica walking across the parking lot and didn't recognize her since she wasn't expecting her to be there.

I have been busy for the past month making decorations, etc for the shower.  I am not a party person so I stress and stress but in the end everything always works out fine.

I made banners to go on the tables.

Kinsley's baby quilt made with love.  I make a quilt for each new grandbaby.  

Thank you gifts for the shower attendees.  26 owls in all!  These were fun to make with a fat quarter.  I found the pattern here.  I'm proud to say I used fabrics from my stash!

My test owls.

Wasn't sure how many friends to expect so one of the girls reserved a room at the library.  Here is the food table.  

Lil' Kinsley received so many presents!

Janessa seeing the quilt for the first time.  I'm usually not very good at hiding my sewing projects but this time I don't think Janessa even knew the colors I was using.  Hope she likes it!  Every time I sat down to sew, I thought about how this lil' one that will soon be joining her mommy and daddy and our family.  I am so excited to meet her.

It has been a busy, stressful month and I am so glad it is over!

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