Friday, July 27, 2012

I'm a Sheep.

Just call me a follower!  I couldn't resist.....I tried......but just had to go ahead and join the fun of making some blocks for the Great Granny Quilt-Along.

Middle child, baby and I were at the cabin last week.  It was rainy, overcast, thunderstorming weather a few days we were there so perfect to stay inside and sew a few blocks.  I took a couple of jelly rolls with me and the instructions on how to make the square.  It was a toss up of which jelly roll to use but I decided that I would finish up the rest of the roll called Maypole.

I had made this Dresden Quilt over 4 years ago with the Maypole jelly roll and still had a lot of strips left over.

My makeshift sewing area at the cabin with my 2 1/2" squares.

First square being sewn.
Here's my makeshift design wall.  Ended up only making 4 squares but hey! it's a start!

One of our overcast days but oh how I love our view!
If you want to join, here's the info from Lori Holt's page.  

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Friday, July 13, 2012

Missing in Action

Yikes!  Have I really been gone this long from my last post?!?
Not much going on in the my lil' quilting world.  I did finish this UFO in June.  Should have ironed out the crease in the middle before taking a picture of it but I was too lazy.

Used almost all of the leftover scraps for the back of the quilt.   

In non-quilting life, I was able to watch these two guys several times before the season was over.  Daddy was the coach of the lil' guy's T-Ball team.  I haven't watched a game since my own kids were in T-Ball so it was very entertaining.  Lil' guy enjoyed it and will play next year again but told grammie that he is better in soccer.  How can you not love 5 year olds?!

Fun news on Father's Day.  Oldest son asked if we were near a computer and to go check my email....this is what came up!   We can hardly wait for January to come!  Newest one is due on Lil' guy's birthday.  We are excited to see how close their birth days will be!

The Honey and I sailed away on this huge thing for our Anniversary.  34 years.  Who can believe that????!   We can't be old enough to have been married that long!

Cruised the Inside Passage in Alaska.  Had a wonderful time.  Even had time to stop for a few minutes to shop in Quilt Alaska in Skagway.   Bought a Glacier quilt kit to remind us of the beautiful scenery we saw up there.

This is a month full of birthdays so not sure when I will be back.....have been making some burp cloths for the lil princess.  She is now 3 months old and of course still as cute as can be!  We are suppose to head to the cabin again next week so maybe I will take some quilty things with me to sew and hopefully be back soon to show you all!
Hope you are having a great summer too!  Summer always goes by too fast here in Wyoming!

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