Sunday, March 29, 2009

Gobble time!

With all that gobbling going on outside the cabin Saturday morning, you would have thought we were at a turkey farm! Talk about being surprised when we saw these 3 outside walking around talking up a storm at the cabin! I was hoping we would see them again this morning but no such luck. It probably didn't help that we were in the middle of a blizzard...

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Monday, March 16, 2009

Another purse class

A few weeks ago I took another purse class at the LQS. I finished the bag that night but never got around to sewing the strap together. But here it finally is!

This pattern is from Indygo Junction called Grids & Grommets. There are 2 sizes of bags you can make. Mine is the smaller one. Perfect for fun Spring/Summer days. The bigger bag would be wonderful to use as a beach bag (if you have a beach) or a diaper bag OR for those ladies that just love BIG bags! I thought I needed the bigger bag until I saw how large this small one opens up.

In taking classes like these, yes, you could always follow the directions but I love being able to go to a class and have the teacher tell us how to make the pattern instead of actually having to read it myself! It was a fun night being with a good friend and chatting with all the other ladies!


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Sunday, March 15, 2009


We moved almost 2 years ago from a small community in western Wyoming. On Saturday the opportunity to return to BP arose and we jumped at the chance. We miss our friends that still live there and it was fun to play catch up with them but what was really interesting was the buildings that have changed in the town since we have been gone.

This is something that doesn't ever change though.....

Coming into BP......still a bit dry from winter.

The new medical clinic! I was really surprised to see such a beautiful building! Felt like I was in Jackson.....

And who would have thought another lil' grocery store could make it there? This is the site of where the old Exxon station use to be.

Inside the store. I would gladly shop there if I still lived here! I didn't think the prices were bad at all for a small town.

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Moondance Diner

On our way to BP yesterday is a smaller town called LaBarge. Population around 600 but I think that is pushing it. Moondance made news a couple of years ago when a couple bought the small New York historical diner and moved it out to the wilds of Wyoming. Middle child and I stopped and ate there yesterday. It's a cute lil' place and if you are on the road to Jackson or Yellowstone, I would recommend dropping in and having a bite to eat. It's good diner food and the atmosphere is pure fun!




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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

2009 BOM

Our LQS has an annual BOM program that is fantastic! In January, you attend the first meeting and pay $6 for the first block (you get the pattern and fabric at that price!). If you bring it back sewn the next month, then you get that next month's block FREE! Meaning you could very well make a whole quilt for only $6 if you don't miss any of the meetings. As in years past, you can either make a traditional quilt or make an applique one. If you want to make both, you just pay the extra $6 for the other kit. I talked my middle child and dil into joining me this year for the fun. Both have such talent!!! What's really fun is that they don't even realize how good they are at sewing! My middle child is making the traditional quilt. Her block is the upper top one. It's so perfect! My dil, who has never really sewn before is doing the Noah quilt. Her's is the pastel block. I worried about her trying to tackle a major project like this since she had never appliqued before and she tells me that she hadn't sewn much growning up but it is so beautful! Her stitches are gorgeous. I am so proud of both of them. It just goes to show that if you put your mind to doing something, you really can accomplish it. This upcoming Saturday is our next meeting. I'm eager to see what the next blocks are going to look like!

And I have to share the news.......I am making the other Noah block for my other dil. She has mentioned several times that she wants a jungle theme for a nursery if she ever got pregnant. Well, on Sunday we got the phone call!!!! I'm going to be a gramma again in October!!!!!!! Now if I could only convince them to move closer...

What do you think of our snow? This fell a couple of days ago. It's still winter wonderland around here.
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