Tuesday, July 21, 2009

30's and B/W

It took longer than usual to get this quilt back from my quilter. I love the technique of making a block and then cutting it up and putting it back together in 4ths. It's easy and quick since you don't match up each new square. The sun is bright and hot today but I like this pic better than the one in the house. I have such crazy wall colors that it doesn't work too well taking pics against it.

Pic of some of the quilting. I'm happy to say I used my stash for all of this quilt! Have to admit that is mighty unusual for me. I am always buying fabric. You know I didn't make a dent in what I still have. :)

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Scenery changes

Whirlwind business trip with Honey last week. I decided to go with him this time instead of staying home. I was excited that I was going to be able to "see" Steamboat this time around! Last year, we were late to the annual meeting and the town shut down by the time it was over. This year, almost the same thing happened. I am hoping that NEXT YEAR I can actually shop the shops and look around. It is one beautiful valley. Oh well. It was a business trip and Honey gets busy with things like...business...go figure.

I was bored with all the driving so decided to take pics of the scenery that we saw as we traveled. It's all beautiful in its own way.

First stop was Salt Lake, Utah. While Honey was in meetings, I shopped a bit, then drove around the Avenues. I love the architect of all the old houses. Got lost and found the Capital building too.

This is Meeker, Colorado. Honey loves this place. I told him I couldn't live there because they have snakes. He kept telling me that they didn't have any snakes. I told him that we passed one of the highway that was dead. He didn't believe me. Well. The manager had just caught two rattlers while on a job site and killed them. No thanks!

Steamboat Springs, CO. Gorgeous, beautiful, spectacular place! Now this is some place I could live (snakes or no snakes)! I picked up a couple of Home magazines that showed what was for sale around there. I don't think we are going to be moving there anytime soon. Lots of homes for $3 or 4 million. Even found one going for $20 million!!! What does someone do for a living to have that kind of cash to live in a home that expensive?! The area reminds me alot of Jackson but I think Steamboat may be a bit more upscale, if you can believe that.

Drove back through Meeker and then back over to Vernal, Utah.

Then it was time to head home. We have to pass Flaming Gorge. Quite a popular place for boaters and fishermen.

It was a quick 3 days, at least I got my book finally read. I hope this next week I can get some sewing in!
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New purchase

I have a lil' nook in my front entry that has been empty since we moved in. I'm not much of a decorator so I have been ignoring that space for the past 2 years. Yesterday though I found something that I loved and brought it home with me. I had a gift card from a furniture store in Utah because I have been a "good" customer. I used that to get the clearance price down where it was more reasonable plus did a bit of bargaining with the salesman to lower the price even further. Now here we are in our new home! I'm so excited to have a place to put some of my quilts where I can always see them. (Yes, I know I have to learn to fold them all the same but I was excited to get them in the cabinet before I ran off to Church!)


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Monday, July 13, 2009

Is it already the middle of July?

Yet another business trip for the Honey. But it meant that we got to visit the oldest child with his very cute wife who is having our 2nd grandbaby (girl) at the end of September.

Getting ready to eat at Saltgrass restaurant. Was fun trying to find new places to eat!

Had to attend a Rockies game. Too bad they lost. And it rained.

Downtown. I love old buildings!

In all the times I have been to Denver, I never knew there was a blue bear peering into the window of the Convention Center downtown! I know! Where have I been?!

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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Quilt Show

While at the Oregon Trail Center, we stumbled upon a small quilt show. I always love to look at other people's quilts. Here are a few of the beauties we saw:

My Wonderful 4th of July Weekend!

We rode jet skis

on this beautiful lake

and visited this historical center

watched a small town parade

and visited this beautiful pioneer Tabernacle

Found an ice cave to visit in the afternoon

Then got ready to watch the fireworks going off around the lake.

Had a great time!