Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

From a very cute lil' giraffe!

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

While we were sewing.......

The lil' guy and his mommy came over today.  We played and played with puzzles and his train.  Then he asked for milk.  And cartoons.  I guess gramma doesn't have very good cartoons on her tv.  This is what happened while I went to help his mom cut out some fabric for her purse class she is taking on Thursday.

Here's a picture that will keep reminding me to put those cuttings of aloe vera into a pot!  I gave middle child cuttings and then I killed my plants so she reciprocated and gave me back some cuttings.

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Monday, October 26, 2009

It's been a very busy week!

I flew home Friday from meeting Junior Miss so I could gather my sewing supplies to attend another quilt class on Saturday at the LQS.  Middle child wanted to make this Elanor Burns quilt so she signed us up for the class.  I don't know about you but sometimes it is more fun to spend the day sewing with ladies with the same likes as you than to read the instructions and sew by yourself!  Plus if we sign up for a class, we are more prone to finish the project than not.  Classes are only $10 and if I don't have to open the book while I am in class, I feel it was worth my time to attend!
Here's middle child posing for me.

Here are some of her blocks.  No wonder she is smiling!  Look at her points!

A pic of Bobbi (owner of LQS) and our instructor for the day, Lisa.  You can see the book we followed is one by Eleanor Burns called Day and Night.  The quilt reminded me of some patterns that use the X-Block.  After you make your original quilt, you have pieces left over that will make other things.

This is how far I got during class.  Now to find time to sew on my borders.

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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Trip to see Junior Miss!

Of course when I got there it had to snow! I think that happened the last time I was there too!

I helped the new mommy make a diaper cover while I was there.  We used the pattern "Smartie Pants 2" by Two Sisters at Squirrel Hollow.  Very quick and easy pattern to make.  Now all that is needed is the elastic.  (And probably a bigger bottom on baby)  It was the first time new mommy had appliqued so I was proud of her!  She did a great job!

Here's Junior Miss getting a bath while I was there.  Ummmmm....not too happy.

But here she is in her bed sleeping so peacefully.  This is called a playard.  A very beautiful bassinet.

It was hard to leave this lil' one behind when I left!  I don't like being gramma and being so far away!

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Leaving on a jet plane to see this!

Is this not the cutest lil' sweetie?!
The kids told me she was changing every day.  I have got to get out there to see lil' Junior Miss!

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Saturday Run to SLC

I will admit that I still had that beautiful chair on my mind when my daughter asked me to head to SLC to shop for some fabric for our next quilt class.  Since I was driving and she didn't know where many fabric shops were, I decided to head back to Gardner's Village.  They have a quilt shop AND they had that chair!
Took some more pics of the witches that were on display.

Headed to the quilt shop and none of the fabric caught middle child's eye.  She was looking for batiks.
And sad to chair was in the back of the store all wrapped up and ready to go to someone else's home instead of mine!  At least it made the decision very easy---do I buy it or not????  The shop owner said she could order me another one but it would take 6-8 weeks to be made and shipped.  I'm not that patient and I figure that in another month or so I will have forgotten about this one and go find something else to love instead.  (And hopefully something cheaper!)

Here's a pic of middle child with her version of the purse we made this past week!  She did a great job!

My Sunflowers in the Rough is back from the quilters.  I now have to add the binding.  Hopefully it will be hanging in the house before Fall is over..........

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Friday, October 16, 2009

Another purse class-"It's all about me"

Last night I took another purse class with my daughter.  It was a small class, which made it nice to get quicker one on one time with the instructors.
Here's my daughter telling me not to take her picture.  She also has on her "safety glasses".  I was happy I had on my own safety glasses after breaking a needle trying to sew through some bulkiness!

Bobbi and Char have a wonderful quilt shop!  This is the teaching room of the store.  Look closely and you can see the BOM for this year.  They are very generous with their blocks.  If you come every month and have your block sewn, you get the next month's block free.  That means you could actually make a quilt for only $6 because you only pay for the very first block.

Middle daughter and I were able to actually get most of the purse made while at class!  Yes!

I hate going to classes and bringing home unfinished projects so I got up this a.m. and topstitched the top of the purse and put on the flower.  I was going to use different fabric but was lucky enough to have my new Authentic from Sweetwater arrive yesterday in the mail!  Hence the red button on the other fabric was red and black.  I think it gives it a certain "pop".....or I am telling myself that until I can go check out some green buttons for the center.

Here's the pattern we used.  Geralyn is a local gal who is just starting her own pattern company with her sister.
One thing I learned last night was that Nancy's Notions has fusible piping.  I didn't know there was such a thing but it sure made it quick and easy to sew the piping into the purse!  

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Monday, October 12, 2009

Sunflowers in the Rough-Done!

Well, I finished a quilt kit that I bought years ago!  Yea!  It was easy to put together.  Not sure why I never opened it up before now.  I'm not sure I realized when I bought the kit (on ebay) that it was rag edge applique but it looks cute with all the plaid fabrics.  Now to get it off to the quilter so I can get it back to hang for this Fall season!

Pattern by  Julie Popa

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Sunday, October 11, 2009

October at Gardner's Village

The Honey wanted to go to a Home Show on Saturday in Sandy, Utah so after my Block of the Month meeting at the quilt shop, we headed on down.  While traveling, I remembered a blog friend wrote that Gardner Village was a fun place to visit during the month of October.  Of course I knew about the quilt shop there so I suggested to the Honey that we go there first and see what was happening.  Fun, it was!  I would love to go again and visit but take the lil' guy with me.  I think he would love seeing all the Halloween characters.  Pine Needles was too crowded for me to really look around in but it is a very nice shop to visit in you are ever in Utah.  Lots of embroidery supplies along with some nice fabric.

In the furniture shop at Gardner Village, I found and fell in love with this chair.  Never mind the price.  Never mind that it doesn't go with anything in my home.  I love LOVE love it!  I had to take a picture since it didn't come home with me.

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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sunflowers in the Rough

For awhile now I have been thinking that I needed to start making quilts from the quilt kits that I seem to acquire far more often than I should.  It is so easy to buy a kit with all the fabric and pattern put together for you.  Sometimes it is cheaper too, especially if you decide you have to have new fresh fabric and not use your stash.  I had bought this Julie Popa kit years ago and it has been sitting in my closet just waiting for me to pull it out and decide it was time to make it.  When I finally decided that this kit would be "the one" to make next, I found out that it didn't have enough different fabric for the background and it didn't have any of the yellows or blues that I needed.  A bit disappointing but we are making do by using scraps of 30's fabric.  
Finally all the pieces are cut out!  Now it's time to sew!

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