Friday, November 16, 2012

LOVE the quilting!

Got my baby quilt back from my quilter and am so SO happy with the quilting she did on it!

As you can see, she quilted every inch on it.  Just what I love. 

Here's the front.  Baby Boy will be here December 29th.  I can hardly wait to hold him!  One of my favorite blocks in this quilt is the little suit in the middle.  My oldest sons wore similar suits one year for Easter Sunday.  

Here is a picture of my little ones with my mom wearing their suits.  She was battling cancer at the time and we had flown back and forth from Texas to California to visit with her as much as we could that year.  She would lose her battle early the next year in February.  The boys are 3 1/2 and 1 1/2 in this picture.  I love these little suits!  It's funny to look at this picture and notice a bean bag chair....I certainly don't remember growing up with that and am now wondering why in the world my parents would have one!

Have to also mention that the daddy of this newest grandbaby is my oldest son in this picture!  Yes...they do grow up!

The pattern is Benji's Pockets by Acorn Quilt & Gift Company.  You can find it here.  It's on sale!

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Friday, November 9, 2012

Great Granny Quilt

This quilt pattern can be found on Lori Holt's Great Granny Quilt Along page.  I love when designers are happy to freely share their talents with others!

I used up every bit of fabric I had left over from my Dresden Quilt that is hanging on the wall for the Great Granny quilt.  I wish I had had more of it, I think it is called Maypole.  I was hoping to make the quilt into a queen for my own bed but had just enough jelly roll strips to make 24 blocks.

So nice to make a quilt out of scraps from my stash!

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Sunday, October 28, 2012

More Halloween!

I have been down and out for several weeks so haven't felt like doing much of anything but laying around.  I will never take for granted good health again!  I do have a few more pictures to share from our LQS.

Those of you who guessed "it's all about the boots" win!

A pretty Fall quilt with easy applique.

I loved this cute little wall hanging.  The witch's nose is is wooden ball.  She is also wearing her wire glasses.  So clever!

If you haven't made a trick or treat bag yet, this would be a fast, cute bag to whip up!

I bought this pattern with the hopes of getting it made before Halloween but with most of October being a fog to me I couldn't get it done.  The mummy is wrapped in torn pieces of cloth.  The witch's hat to darling with it's feather accents.  The pattern is called "Home is Where the Haunt is" and is made by Kimberbell.  You can find the pattern here.  This is designed by one of the girls that own the cutest quilt shop in Logan, Utah,  They have the most darling BOM's!
Every day is a bit better for me so I hope to be back at the sewing machine soon!  Have a wonderful week!

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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Halloween at our LQS

Yesterday was our monthly BOM at the LQS.  The shop is getting ready for next week's big Fall party and had several items hanging out in the classroom.  I got a few pictures to show but no names or patterns yet.

This is a darling quilt.

I should have peeked to see what the witch's leg table topper said.  "It's all about the....."   Going to be bugging me now!  The owl is a panel and made into a table runner.

Very cute small wall hanging with lots of fun details!

Another table runner.

 And darling placemats!

I know the shop is working on a few other pieces so will be fun to see what they come up with next week!

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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Goodbye Summer!

Summer has gone by way too it does every year in this part of the country!  Seems like my body just defrosts from the cold winter and then it is back again in full force!  This weekend has been full of heavy rain so I guess I have to say goodbye to another quick summer and give a big hello to fall!

Youngest son came home safe and sound from his internship in San Antonio in August.  He had a great time interning with USAA.  They really know how to "wine and dine" their interns with lots of fun activities to keep them busy.  Joel has already been asked to intern again with them next year but I think he wants to try something new in his field just to see what else is available to him before he has to make a career choice.  

Last week, we said goodbye to him as he headed to BYU.  He was accepted into their Information Systems Managment Master's program (computers) so he has another two years before he is finished.   I will miss not having him around but we are season ticket holders for BYU football so we will see him alot at the games this fall.

New mommy started school too this past week!  She is in 3rd grade.  I have been helping take care of lil' princess while mommy is off to her inservice meetings and now school.  Kinsley is now 4 months old.  She is such a joy to have in our lives!  I'm a bit rusty in what to do with such a young baby but I think Kinsley took pity on grammie and was on her best behavior! 

In my spare time I have been working on this applique quilt for our newest addition coming in December!  It is called Benji's Pockets and can be found here.  I hope my eyes will work like they use to when I have to add the embroidery to each block!  I tried getting prescription glasses last week but they caused all sorts of problems for me so I am back to using my dollar reading glasses.  The quilt needs to be at the quilter's in October so I hope I can finish it easily. 

That's it for now! 

Friday, July 27, 2012

I'm a Sheep.

Just call me a follower!  I couldn't resist.....I tried......but just had to go ahead and join the fun of making some blocks for the Great Granny Quilt-Along.

Middle child, baby and I were at the cabin last week.  It was rainy, overcast, thunderstorming weather a few days we were there so perfect to stay inside and sew a few blocks.  I took a couple of jelly rolls with me and the instructions on how to make the square.  It was a toss up of which jelly roll to use but I decided that I would finish up the rest of the roll called Maypole.

I had made this Dresden Quilt over 4 years ago with the Maypole jelly roll and still had a lot of strips left over.

My makeshift sewing area at the cabin with my 2 1/2" squares.

First square being sewn.
Here's my makeshift design wall.  Ended up only making 4 squares but hey! it's a start!

One of our overcast days but oh how I love our view!
If you want to join, here's the info from Lori Holt's page.  

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Friday, July 13, 2012

Missing in Action

Yikes!  Have I really been gone this long from my last post?!?
Not much going on in the my lil' quilting world.  I did finish this UFO in June.  Should have ironed out the crease in the middle before taking a picture of it but I was too lazy.

Used almost all of the leftover scraps for the back of the quilt.   

In non-quilting life, I was able to watch these two guys several times before the season was over.  Daddy was the coach of the lil' guy's T-Ball team.  I haven't watched a game since my own kids were in T-Ball so it was very entertaining.  Lil' guy enjoyed it and will play next year again but told grammie that he is better in soccer.  How can you not love 5 year olds?!

Fun news on Father's Day.  Oldest son asked if we were near a computer and to go check my email....this is what came up!   We can hardly wait for January to come!  Newest one is due on Lil' guy's birthday.  We are excited to see how close their birth days will be!

The Honey and I sailed away on this huge thing for our Anniversary.  34 years.  Who can believe that????!   We can't be old enough to have been married that long!

Cruised the Inside Passage in Alaska.  Had a wonderful time.  Even had time to stop for a few minutes to shop in Quilt Alaska in Skagway.   Bought a Glacier quilt kit to remind us of the beautiful scenery we saw up there.

This is a month full of birthdays so not sure when I will be back.....have been making some burp cloths for the lil princess.  She is now 3 months old and of course still as cute as can be!  We are suppose to head to the cabin again next week so maybe I will take some quilty things with me to sew and hopefully be back soon to show you all!
Hope you are having a great summer too!  Summer always goes by too fast here in Wyoming!

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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Happy Memorial Day weekend!

Not sure where the time goes but I just haven't spent too much time at the sewing machine.

Actually we have been visiting this lil' 2 year old this month.  She lives out of state and I sure do miss her!  We had a great week visiting her and her parents!

I've also loved having our youngest son home from BYU for a few weeks this month.  He left yesterday for an internship in San Antonio.  Hopefully that beast behind him will get him there, back AND around for 10 weeks!  Joel hasn't bought a car for himself yet...wants to keep saving money so he is stuck with our "leftovers" for his trip.  I'm pretty proud of this kid...he was just accepted into the Master's program at school (yes....he is older than you think).

This lil' one still has my heart.  6 weeks old now and still has all her hair!  She looks so big and chunky here but is still just a lil' thing!

I did make this wall hanging this month.  I realized I didn't have any quilt for Flag Day or 4th of July so I looked through my patterns and found this one to make.  It is an Out On A Limb pattern called America Something to Crow About.  Love my rooster guy!

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Friday, April 13, 2012

Our newest addition!

Lil' Kinsley was born Thursday, April 12.  Here she is 26 hours later.
I've never seen so much hair on a newborn!  Not sure the doctor had either....she started styling Kinsley's hair into a mohawk as Janessa was pushing.
7 pounds 11 oz.  20" long
Mom and baby are doing great.
Grammie is pretty happy too!

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