Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Chevron quilt

What do you do with your pre-cuts?  I have several jelly rolls and a couple of layer cakes in my stash that I bought years ago when they first came on the market.  I have used a few of the jelly rolls to make sampler quilts but the layer cakes have sat untouched.  I did make one block a couple of years ago with a couple of 10" squares but then the rest of the squares have been stashed away.  Until now that is.

I don't even remember what this layer cake's name is but I have loved the fabric since I bought it.  A few months ago I saw Missouri Quilt Company's youtube video on how to make a Chevron quilt.  Looked simple enough so yesterday I pulled out the remaining squares and got to work.  The construction is very simple.  Take one layer cake square and then a contrasting color that is also 10".  Place them RST and sew 1/4" around all 4 sides.  To make this process go quicker sew in an assembly line fashion.  Sew all squares on one side, cut them apart and then sew the next side until you have sewn all 4 sides.  Cut the squares apart on each diagonal and you have 4 blocks.  Press and then put them together how you want them to look.  It wasn't until I was ready to put my blocks on my design wall that I realized I didn't have has many green blocks as I did pink.

Here was my first attempt at putting the blocks together.  Blah.

Next I tried to keep the colors together in the blocks.  Again....blah.

Finally I took everything off the design wall and started over by mixing everything up.  As you can see, I only had enough greens for one row but I like it.  
Now to put on the border and get it to the quilter!  A layer cake gone from my stash!  Yes!  

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