Sunday, February 24, 2013

Fons and Porter Freebies!

About a week ago and I was contacted by the Online Media Coordinator from Fons and Porter.  Am I the only one that didn't know F & P had FREE booklets to share with the world?!!!  I was asked if I would review their Log Cabin booklet for them and share what I thought on my blog.


I printed the 24 pages out so I could really look at each page.  Can I just say right now that I have always loved Fons and Porter?!  I have even traveled to their store in Winterset, Iowa.  Such a CUTE town!  But this was such a nice treat.....a booklet that is really worth the color ink it takes to print it out!
The booklet tells a bit of history on Log Cabin quilts in the first couple of pages but them quickly turns into a pattern book.  All for FREE!

I count 6 FREE patterns in this little booklet!
This one has really caught my eye and is on my "someday I need to make this" calendar!

All directions are included.  The last few pages talk about binding with piping and Liz' lumpless binding.
So many pictures and great patterns!
This is a wonderful booklet for any quilter.  My daughter has been wanting to make her own Log Cabin quilt for several years now.  I am going to have to share this link with her!  You also can click on the link and sign up to get the free booklet!

You can also go to and receive their Modern Quilt Pattern booklet too!

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