Thursday, December 16, 2010

Using the Lil' Twister

I had alot of fun using this ruler for my Convoy border. Thought I would share in steps how you make a border like mine. I see lots of quilts sewn together with the Twister ruler but not a border.

First you cut 5" squares and sew them together. If you have a charm pack that matches your quilt, it would be even quicker to whip this up! Sew a 3" border around your long strip of 5" squares.

Put your Lil' Twister ruler on the first seams and line it up with the lines on your ruler. Cut all 4 sides.

Move down to the next seam and again place your ruler on those seams and cut around. Every cut you make is lined up with seams so it is easy to know where your next cuts will be.

Continue cutting at each seam with your ruler.

You get a little bit of leftovers from the centers. I have seen these made into 9 patch pot holders. Very cute!

When you make each cut, place your pieces together in their pinwheel places.

I cut several pinwheels and then sew them together so I can keep them in order more easily.

I'm not a great piecer but look at how the centers of each pinwheel look so nice! It's very easy to "match" centers together. You really don't have to do anything but sew a straight line!

So you go from 5" squares with 3" borders around them.... a very cute border! Looks complicated, but isn't! Just what I love~Easy and quick! I'm now thinking I might have to buy the bigger twister ruler that works with 10" square fabric!
Would love to hear if you try these rulers!

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Lainee said...

I've be contemplating using this template and I absolutly love your use of it...very cleaver! Also, I love the body of the it a pattern or an original design?

Bethany said...

Love the idea and your quilt is wonderful.

Leslie's Itchin to be Stitchin said...

Love how you used it for the border, it looks awesome

Nedra said...

I bought the big twister yesterday, and look forward to 2011 when I will have more time to play with it!
(I think I need to run back over and get the smaller one now)

AlessandraLace said...

wow!!!! I love it. hugs

Whosies said...

well, would you look at that!! i have never used that before- but i have made the block. what a pain in the butt! i might have to give that a try. thanks for sharing.